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yes we are Indorock band!

 Selamat Datang Anak Nekad  ! 

 RESPITO is an alternative Rock/Post Grunge/New Indorock band from Jakarta, Indonesia.They are Pheps - [Vocals,Guitar], Daff - [Guitar], Ricky - [Drums], and Chandra - [Bass]. RESPITO, the word itself derives from the ancient Javanese language meaning Nirvana or Heaven, which is the final destination for those with pure hearts and goodness in their souls. Heaven in their opinion is the ultimate ideal goal of their life's purpose. Literally, it is a place for perfecting the music they have created.They hope that RESPITO existence and works will be something as worthy as Heaven.

 Their distinctive style can be seen or described as unique because they always try to introduce Indonesia to their local and international crowd. They always thoroughly collaborate traditional music instruments to their music. While on stage, often they use traditional fabrics and traditional casual dresses for their costume. Bringing their national flag to the stage is something that they are really proud of as a nationality statement.